Christine McDonnell

children’s book author, educator, librarian

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Unusual Christmas
An Unusual Christmas

This year is another strange Christmas: just me and the cats here in snowy, cold Vermont, staying safe during the pandemic.

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Kip Tiernan
A Monument to Kip Tiernan

In the silence of the room Kip’s voice rang loud in my ears. She was so passionate about the rights of the poor for food, housing, dignity.

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When the Babies Came to Stay
When the Babies Came to Stay

At the beginning of the story four babies turn up on an island, one on the mail plane, two on the ferry and one on a pile of nets. What should the islanders do with them?

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Vermont cows
Inspiration in Ireland

My new picture book, When the Babies Came to Stay, is set on an island but I wasn’t on an island when I wrote the first draft.

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