Christine McDonnell

children’s book author, educator, librarian

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It's a Deal, Dogboy

written by Christine McDonnell
illustrated by G. Brian Karas
Viking Books for Young Readers, 1998
ISBN 978-0670832644
ages 7 to 11

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Although Leo expects to have a fun-filled summer with his friends, he soon discovers that his mother has entirely different plans for him as she asks for help cleaning the house and puts him in charge of baby-sitting his pesky cousin.


“If you’re looking for a springboard into summer, these five episodic stories about Leo and his family would be a good classroom read-aloud in the late spring. Third-grade Leo, who appeared in Don’t Be Mad, Ivy and Toad Food and Measle Soup is back. On the last day of school, he begins worrying about being promoted. After he and his friend Johnny play a few last pranks, their teacher wishes them a wonderful summer (and a good year in fourth grade). During the summer, Leo learns to cope with having girls on his baseball team and baby-sitting his talkative younger cousin. Other dilemmas include finding the right dog to be his pet and deciding whether to let his annoying older sister practice ear piercing on him. Each chapter resolves its conflict in a satisfying way. The stories are realistic and believable though short on suspense or theme. Leo faces problems that most children can relate to and the stories could be used to start some lively classroom discussions.” (School Library Journal)