Christine McDonnell

children’s book author, educator, librarian

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Friends First

Friends First

written by Christine McDonnell
Viking Books for Young Readers, 1990
ISBN 978-0670819232
ages 11 and up

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Los Amigos Primero

An eighth grade girl faces the evolving relationships, complex changes, and changing feelings arising from her first steps into adulthood.


“Miranda and Gus have been best friends forever. They are always together, riding bikes, watching horror flicks, reading books or writing their new story, “Alien Attraction.” During their eighth-grade year, however, Miranda is propelled into adolescence and her friendship with Gus begins to change. Growing into a young woman both excites and frightens Miranda; she is confused by her emotions, and the long-term friendship only complicates things. She tries to avoid Gus, but as she comes to understand her feelings, she realizes that he will always have a special place in her life. Sharp, sensitive details and clever analogies highlight the narrative, as McDonnell candidly yet delicately explores what reaching adolescence means for a girl in today’s world.” (Publishers Weekly)